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Arts Inc Gallery

Visit the Arts Inc Gallery website for more information.

Established in 2012, Apollo Bay Arts Inc gallery is a quality exhibition space on the Great Ocean Road.

The aim of the Gallery is to encourage and support local and emerging artists by providing a quality, accessible and affordable gallery space for them to exhibit their work. Individuals and groups are encouraged to exhibit.

Apollo Bay Art Gallery is an initiative of Apollo Bay Arts Inc, a group of volunteers with a passion for the arts. Arts Inc Gallery is a non-for-profit run by a democratic board of artists and arts professionals who aim for accessibility and affordability for artists and artist-run-initiatives. Arts Inc seeks to engage with the broader arts community to foster collaboration and build creative networks.
The Gallery is located in the front room of the town’s historic heritage Hall (1885) (the Mechanics Institute, also known as the Mech Hall), and operates with the support of the Apollo Bay Mechanics Hall Committee. The Mech Hall is located at 21 Great Ocean Road just around the bend after you pass the war memorial when you’re heading away from Melbourne.

Shannons Gallery & Studio

Drawings, paintings & prints by Pat Shannon & Mark Shannon.
12 Montrose Avenue, Apollo Bay.
Phone: 03 5237 6578
Open: 10am – 6pm daily. Closed Tuesdays.

Online Art Galleries

Apollo Bay Art Show (live from Easter 2021) at www.apollobayartshow.com

Contemporary paintings on canvas by Gayle Seach. Go to the gallery website at www.apollobaygallery.blogspot.com

Visits to Gayle’s Marengo studio can be arranged
by calling 0431 666 767

Art photography by Andrew Strang available online at www.andrewstrang.com or contact Andrew on 0407 350 595

Local Writers

Travelling the Great Ocean Road: a journey through time & place – Cate Cousland

A book tracking the history of Victoria’s south west coast from Torquay to Port Fairy by Apollo Bay resident and Arts Council member, Cate Cousland. Following years of research, Cate provides a compelling narrative exploring the coast from the time of Gondwana to the present era. Available from book shops, Newsagents and Visitor Information Centres along the coast.