Art Show

The Apollo Bay Art Show was originally started and run by the Historical Society in 1977. Now run by Apollo Bay Arts Inc, it’s a major fundraiser and provides a wonderful space for artists to sell their work. 

Apollo Bay Arts Inc will be hosting the 44th annual Art Show during easter 2021.

From the Art Show co-ordinator, Eldritch Forest……….

Everyday artists paint, sculpt, print, weave and express through their hands and eyes. The moments of creation are often private; they might be powerful or peaceful…or simply practical, a professional doing the job.

The second step in the life of art is sharing. Artists, even the most reclusive, must set loose their finished works into their culture. Art shows, galleries, private showings, instagram and even facebook all have a part in this sharing.

This disease that has swept through the world has changed so much in such a short time. For artists, there is more time, almost enforced discipline time to focus on producing more work. The first victim of this ill wind, though, was the closure of all those avenues of sharing art.

We have adjusted as best we can, and we still investigate ways to reclaim human connection without allowing the pandemic to spread.

In this often rational world, a work of art is a piece of magic. This is the gift that artists share with any who are willing.

The Apollo Bay Art Show has taken place every year around Boxing Day and into the New Year for 43 years. This year, though, we have been set back. It has been a shock. We have had to plan carefully and there has been a lot of conversations to come to a resolve.

There will be a 44th Apollo Bay Art Show. Beginning April 2, Good Friday.

Three months later than tradition, and there is still the feel that a new, necessary lock-down might seal the doors before they can open. So we are going online as well. We will create a website, and put the entire show online.

We don’t know how this will work, exactly.

You have come to this online gallery to see the excellent art. Were you at our show, one of the many people who support our show every year might stand next to you and pass on a story of this artwork or that, tell you the personal story of creation. This is more difficult online, slightly less personal. Please remember that these virtual walls hold hours, days of passion and skill, and there is a story behind each finished piece. If there is no one able to stand by and tell you the story, you might have to imagine it.

In the hall and online, we hope you enjoy the 44th Apollo Bay Art Show.

Art Show Committee members

  • Jade & Eldritch Forest
  • Jane Gross
  • Kelly Hurley
  • Nanette Cowley
  • Lyndi Whalen